Google Photos Has 100 Million Users in 5 Months

Google has announced that Google Photos has already reached the 100 million users milestone though it is just 5 months old. This unlimited photo service has apps for Web, iOS and Android and was recently unbundled from Google+, which was quite welcomed by users.

Google Photos was praised for combining features from top services like Carousel from Dropbox, iCloud from Apple and Yahoo’s Flickr into a single app. The users have also liked the simplicity of the app.

Reaching 100 million users in just 5 months is quite an achievement. Both Twitter and Pinterest took about five years to reach this mark. Even the popular App Instagram took more than two years to reach 100 million users mark. Google has made it easier to sign up and anyone that signs up with Gmail accounts can sign up smoothly for the service too.

Google has also revealed some interesting data. For example Google Photos has feed up more than 3,720 terabytes worth of space on smartphones because of the auto-upload feature. The most photographed sceneries include beaches, mountains and skies.

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