Google Play Store Adds More Parental Control for in-Game Purchases

Google-Play-StoreA new update to Google Play Store options now allows users to enforce a password requirement every time the user wants to buy an in-app purchase, AndroidCommunity reports.

Previously there was a 30 minute window in which in-app purchases could be made without the requirement of password with every purchase.

This supposed facility for buyers had turned into nuisance for man parents whose kids had purchased without parent’s consent. Recently a New York Woman had filed a case against Google in which she said that her five year old had bought $70 worth of virtual goods via in-app purchases.

Apple had recently settled a similar case by paying $32.5 million in refund to parents. A woman’s daughter had spend $2,600 while playing games on iPhone.

European regulators are also going to start investigations into in-app purchases of freemium apps.

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