Google Project Tango Tablet Available for $1024

project-tango-tabletGoogle has unveiled its Project Tango Tablet on Thursday with a developers kit aimed for developers to develop computer vision, 3D apps and more advanced sensing tools.

Project Tango Tablet is currently aimed for developers only and it will be available for sale late June at price of $1024.

The main attraction of Project Tango is to attract developers to create apps which are more than just touch screen apps and take benefit of computer vision. The processor powering Project Tango Tablet is Tegra K1 from Nvidia which clearly indicates the importance of graphics Google is placing on in project Tango.

Project Tango initially was started with a mobile device in mind but now Google has unveiled this tablet which is powered by 4GB powerful RAM and 128GB generous storage. It also features a depth sensor and motion tracker.

Project Tango tablet will be available in limited quantities because it is not a consumer device, Google has said.

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