Google Reports Data About ‘right to be forgotten’

271/365 ~ Google #company #logoGoogle has revealed data about the requests it has received about the ‘right to be forgotten’ European law in the first month of its activation.

In total Google received 91,000 requests for removal of 328,000 links from its results. No data has been raveled about the actual links but it said that half of these links were accepted for removal and have been actually removed.

This information is given in a letter sent from Google to different data protection agencies of Europe who had asked for an insight into how it was implementing the law.

The letter does not contain any criticism of the law, though Google had vociferously campaigned against it in the past. However, it has expressed its difficulty in identifying the links and their suitability for removal because of insufficient information provided by those submitting links for removal.

The highest number of link removal requests (17,500) have come from France. Germany comes second with 16,500 and the UK is at number 3 with 12,000 link removal requests under ‘right to be forgotten’ law.

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