Google, Samsung Ask China to Put Condition on Microsoft-Nokia Deal

Google and Samsung have asked the Chinese government regulators to have a look at the possibility that the proposed Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia does not lead to increased patent licensing fees, a report from Bloomberg says.

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These two companies are in unison with two Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei in raising their worry that Microsoft, with this acquisition, will have gained unwieldy power in the smartphone market, the report from Bloomberg says.

The officials who are in knowledge of the case say that these companies have asked the Chinese government to attach conditions to the deal.

Microsoft’s Nokia deal is under an anti-monopoly review by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and there are good chances that the deal will be approved. Earlier the deal has been given a go-ahead by the regulators of the European Union in December.

Both Google and Samsung have not responded for comments on this news item to Reuters.

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