Google and Social Media Resisting Russian Censorship Orders

GirlsGoogle, Facebook and Twitter are putting up resistance to orders received from the Russian government to block and remove information about the planned rally by the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny next month, which might result into a full scale showdown as Russia tried to censor online content.

The Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor starting issuing censorship orders a few hours after the publicity about the rally started to hit the social media. Initially Facebook honored the censorship request by the Russian government and removed the Facebook page but now Facebook is not doing anything about numerous other pages that have been created with one Facebook page indicating that more than 32,000 people will possibly be attending.

Twitter has also confirmed that it has received numerous orders from the Russian government for removal of tweets and Twitter accounts that are promoting the rally. But a spokesman from Twitter has said that it so  far has “not removed the content they specified,” and rather has been warning the users in question by forwarding to them the orders Twitter has received from the Russian government.

Similarly many videos about the rally are available on Google and YouTube, despite the directives by the Russian government.

A spokesman of the Russian communications regulator has said that the orders for blocking of the content will be fulfilled without going into details of how they will proceed ahead with enforcement.

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