Google Translate to Get Better Camera Translation Technology

quest-visualGoogle has acquired Quest Visual, a company that specializes in giving an augmented reality experience of camera translation, according to a blog post by Quest Visual. 

The most popular product of Quest Visual is Word Lens, in a significant effort to give a boost to camera translation services of Google Translate.

Presently Google Translate can give out a rough translation of the text contained in a photo but the experience of visual translation offered by Word Lens is a lot better. Google Translate can get a lot better if Google could manage to make use of the massive data crunching capabilities with the experience of Word Lens in picture translation.

Quest Visual has said that the main focus of the buyout is to “incorporate” its technology into that being used by Google Translate itself. However, it will take some time before the Word Lens technology can be merged into Google Translate. Till that time you can enjoy the Word Lens app and its many language packs free on both Android and iOS.

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