Google Unveils Tool to Encrypt Email Messages

spam gmailGoogle has just announced that it has publicly released source code for a new tool that can be used for encrypting emails from end to end. Encryption is the process of changing a message to unintelligible form which then can only be read by the intended recipient and no one else.

By using this tool, even if your email is intercepted by some one, he or she will not be able to read its contents.

The new extension from Google called End to End supports end to end encryption which means the email will remain encrypted from the moment it leaves your browser until it has been decrypted by the intended recipient of the email.

This encryption extension is still not available on Google Chrome Web Store, but Google has made public its source code to get feedback from the developers community and public in general.

While acknowledging that this technology has been available for a long time, Google has said that this tool will make it easier to use. The existing tools like GnuPG and PGP require a fair degree of technical knowledge to use these.

The chrome extension being released by Google has been built on OpenPGP, which is an open standard.

This end to end encryption extension will work for all email providers but you will have to be using Google Chrome browser to use it.

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