Google Weighing Options to Place Bid for Twitter

It has been reported by Bloomberg that Google is currently working with financial adviser Lazard to consider a possible bid for Twitter.

Approaching Lazard does not indicate that Google is sure to bid for Twitter. However, this move by Google is indicative that Google might also be among the bidders that also include and Walt Disney Co.

Both Lazard and Google have not offered any comments to Bloomberg.

Earlier Twitter had hired Goldman Sachs Group  and Allen & Co to look for potential buyers after it had received an expression of interest from Salesforce. Twitter has been recently trying to reshape itself with focus on live events and video, after its user growth has stagnated for a few years now.

Google, on the other hand, might be considered genuinely interested in anything that is social after its multiple efforts at developing a counter social media offer to Facebook have failed, the latest being Google Plus. Facebook has emerged to be the direct competitor of Google in its ads business, which is the backbone of Google’s revenues. Recent focus of Google under the new management has been on cloud and artificial intelligence. The company is also diversifying itself at a high speed by increasing its hardware products.

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