Google’s Eric Schmidt’s Tech Predictions for 2014


Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt has been making some very bold statements in past. Keeping in line with his tradition, he has made some tech predictions for the year 2014 while speaking to Bloomberg TV. Some of his predictions are not as bold as people expect.

One of his predictions is that everyone shall be owning a smartphone. He claims that “mobile has won.” Schmidt has predicted that artificial intelligence and big data shall form the basis of ranking and locating people and offering new services and is going to change the way businesses operate globally.

Schmidt says that genetics is an area which is grey at the moment it is difficult to predict in that area. However, he has predicted that the option to have personal genetics records and DNA sequencing is going to fundamentally change diagnostics science over the year and there are likely to be discoveries in treatment of cancer.

Schmidt has also predicted that Google will never miss the social signal again. He admits that the biggest mistake he made was to underestimate the rise of social networking area. He has predicted that Google is never going to let this happen again.


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