Hackers Attack Gaming Services Electronic Arts and Valve


The hacking activity has gained a lot of momentum leading to this year. Earlier we have reported hacking activities related to Skype, Snapchat, and now it has been reported that hackers targeted gaming services Electronic Arts and Valve on Thursday, making these services inaccessible to users by targeting the login systems. Electronic Arts is known for its popular game ‘Battlefield ‘ and Valve is known for its hit game ‘Defense of the Ancients.’

Attackers seemed to have used the DDOS ( Distributed Denial of Service) attacks in which a large number of computers try to connect the target system at the same time making the servers overloaded.

Twitter user DerpTrolling claimed to have attacked the EA servers late Thursday. EA’s own Twitter account also acknowledged that users were facing authentication issues on gaming online network. Another Twitter use “Script Kitty” claimed that it was attacking Valve’s Steam service.

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