With Homekit, Apple Ventures into Home Automation

homekitApple has announced at this year’s WWDC that it will introduce a smart home platform named HomeKit.

Apple has entered into partnerships with many renowned home device makers for easy pairing up of iPhone with these home gadgets and devices.

It will be possible to control things like doors, room temperatures and even see who arrived at your front door.

Homekit will also have built in integration with Siri which means you can issue voice commands to it. For example if you would say get ready for bed, the Homekit will dim your lights, lock your garage door and set thermostat temperature according to your settings.

This announcement of Homekit from Apple has come after Financial Times had reported earlier that Apple will build software to control home gadgets using iPhone.

Apple has teamed up with many big names in home automation companies like Cree, iDevices, Philips, Honewell, Withings, iHome, Neatamo and August.

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