How to Protect Your Kids on Facebook


We are increasingly seeing Facebook advertisements which can not be classified as child safe and teens safe. You can keep your child and teen kid safe on Facebook by following these steps:

Ensure that age setting for your child’s profile on Facebook is correct. Facebook’s own child protection filters can only trigger to protect your child if his or her age on profile falls in the category of a kid. Edit the child’s birth date if it is incorrect by going to About page on Facebook and edit it to reflect the true age of the kid.

Educate your child about now wildly Liking pages. Because once you like a page you get updates from that page in your news feed and also your kid will be listed on that fan page as someone who likes it and according to Facebook terms, his or her name can also be used in future advertisements of the page. Therefore, see all the liked pages of your kid’s Facebook account by going to Profile Page>More, Likes and Other Likes and remove inappropriately liked pages.

When you are using Facebook and you come across an inappropriate ad, report it by clicking on the X on the top right of the ad and then Clink on “I don’t want to see this,” and also click on “It’s offensive or inappropriate ,” and also click on the reason why it is inappropriate.

Many of the free games on Facebook also leave inappropriate, unwanted and intrusive software on kids’ computers. Try to teach your child to remain away from such free games ads on Facebook.

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