HP Executives Arrested in Pakistan Over Corporate Tax Evasion

Hewlett Packard Balloon and Pumpkin HandsTwo high level executives of HP Pakistan have been arrested by tax officials in Pakistan over charges of evading corporate tax, the WSJ has reported.

Two arrested HP Pakistan officials are its country general manager Shahid Ali Khan and country controller Salim Rawjani.

The WSJ has reported that the arrests were made after the tax authorities raids on a big computer seller’s place revealed that the equipment supplied to it was not properly taxed.

A director at the intelligence and investigation at Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue said that the arrests and raid were made only after “overwhelming evidence” that HP Pakistan was involved the wrongdoing.

The Pakistan tax officials have told Reuters that the tax evasion charges could be further expanded as a result of the investigations which will follow the arrests according to Pakistan’s legal system.

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