HTC 10 Review: Best from HTC But Still Pricey

There are so many options for smartphones now but some companies have been lost in this competition. The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has released its flagship and the best phone so far. It is called HTC 10 bu the price tag attached to it will ensure that it will not be the most popular smartphone around.

HTC has got all the features expected from a flagship phone of premium class. With a 5.2 inch gorgeous display screen that matches Samasung Galaxy S7 and is sharper than iPhone 6s Plus, it competes in the big league. It is a fast smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and generous 4GB RAM. The fingerprint sensor is also great and fast.

The Android experience on HTC 10 is very near to the stock Android and the Type-C charging port is futuristic.

However, the price point of $700 is the deal breaker. There are better phones available for less. For example, Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with waterproof body and excellent design and Apple iPhone 6S has beautiful 3D Touch display. iPhone 6S can be had at $650 and Galaxy S7 at $680.

And the price point of $700 for HTC 10 becomes even more noticeable when you consider that the cameras available on Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S are better than that on HTC 10.

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