HTC Avoids Quarterly Loss With Beats Sale Proceed, But only Just

HTC LegendThe financial troubles of once leading Taiwanese Android smartphone maker HTC seem to be continuing without showing any sings of improvements. HTC had reported its first loss in history during last quarter three months ago and it just narrowly escapes reporting loss this quarter.

HTC released financial results of its fourth quarter 2013 today and reported a net profit about $10.3 million and a total revenue of $1.4. But the meager $10 million profit is not representative of any changes in the financial woes of the company because HTC made a one time only profit of $85 last quarter with the sale proceeds of selling the remaining shares of Beats Audio. The present quarterly figures include that one time profit, according to Reuters.

HTC has recently witnessed many top executives leaving the company. There have also been reports that the company has closed many factories in a bit to save money. HTC has claimed recently that its biggest challenge is marketing and ran an expensive ad campaign recently with Robert Downey Jr.

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