HTC to Launch its Next Flagship Phone on March 25

HTC is going to release the next iteration of its flagship phones on March 25 which will replace the current HTC flagship phone HTC One.

htc m8 -2 htc m8

HTC has confirmed this event to multiple tech blogs and its invitations are being sent out to participants. The event will be held in both London and New York and New York will be the main site for launch.

The successor of HTC One, now codenamed M8, is critical for HTC because the company is currently going through a phase of decreasing sales and profits. HTC One received good reviews initially but in the end god engulfed in the marketing gimmicks of Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

HTC will need to keep on guard so that history does not repeat itself this time. Last time HTC unveiled HTC One before the Mobile World Congress but this time HTC has opted to wait till after the Mobile World Congress where Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will be launched.

Initial leaked images of the next iteration of HTC One indicate only a few tweaks of minor nature to the design and software.

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