HTC One A9’s $399 Price is Limited Time Offer

HTC One A9
CC BY by pestoverde

If you can convince yourself to buy an Android phone that actually looks like an iPhone then HTC One A9 is offering a really great deal for US customers. You can get a good specs smartphnone with Android 6.0 for only $399. But this price is only an introductory launch offer and the One A9 will ultimately sell for $499 by the end of next week. To be precise the sale price will end at 12.:00 on 11/7.

The phone is currently on sale in UK for $660 which reflects the regional disparity in pricing. The HTC One A9 being sold in the UK has 16GB storage and 2GB RAM, whereas the version on sale in the US has 32GB storage and 2GB RAM.

However, in any case if you want to own an iPhone looking like Android phone, then your best bet is to buy it before next Friday. However, if you are looking for a better phone, then you might consider having a look at Nexus 6P.

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