IBM Predicts Hot Technology Trends for Next 5 Years


IBM each year publishes its 5 in 5, the 5 tech predictions in the coming 5 years. This year’s predictions are focused towards smart technologies improving lives. IBM predicts that technology will continue moving in the direction where it will treat humans as individuals and moving away from statistics.

1. Smarter Classrooms

IBM predicts that the electronic personality of a student will move along with his or her academic career. For example, the new teacher will already be knowing that a particular student is weak in fractions in mathematics. This will help the teacher personalize teaching to ensure that the student does not keep falling behind others.

2. Smarter Stores

In future, as soon as a consumer will walk into a store, the smartphone he will be carrying will scan the store’s inventory and recommend purchases based on his or her purchasing history. Electronic requests will be sent to a salesperson who can further assist you.

3. Smarter Medicine

IBM sees the future of medicine also personalized. This is perhaps the most daring prediction which states that the doctor will be able to sequence DNA of a patient in a single day. The doctor will then access cloud-based information systems like WatsonPaths for recommended course of action based on latest research and up-to-date clinical information.

4. Smarter Privacy

IBM predicts that in the next five years, privacy and security technologies will be scaled down to consumer level. Therefore, while scanning for potentially suspicious activity, the latest data will be compared with consumer’s own history and electronic profile. For example, technology will be able to recognize that you have just landed off a plane in a city and should not be making purchases in another city.

5. Smarter Cities

IBM predicts that cities will be able to better manage services by making use of technology. For example, IBM has already partnered with the city of Dubuque, Iowa and installed smart water meters. This led to improved management of leak detection and consumption was also reduced. Citizens will also be able to manage their own usage.

The interesting fat about 5 in 5 is that IBM is not making wild predictions but rather it is the result of work of thousands of researchers employed by IBM throughout the world. IBM has won 5 Nobel prizes in the past and is always on the cutting edge of research.

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