India Blocks 32 Big Websites Including DailyMotion, Imgur, Github

india websites blockedThe government in India has blocked access to 32 websites, including some of the world’s most popular ones like and for hosting of alleged content belonging to Islamic state in Syria and Iraq.

Gulshan Rai, the Director-General of ICERT (Indian Computer Emergency Team told The Wall Street Journal that the content was “very, very damaging.” ICERT monitors internet activity and recommends and takes measures against online threats.

ISIL or ISIS has recently claimed that it is trying to get recruits from within India

GitHub, another website that is very popular among programming and tech professionals, has also been blocked. Similarly, which hosts archived copies of websites has also been blocked. Imgur is another popular image hosting service that has been banned. The actions have come after a court directive and a request originating from Anti-Terrorism Squad of Mumbai.

He has said that they have been trying to get in touch with these websites to take down the objectionable content and access to certain websites has already been restored following their compliance.

This kind of measure is not the first of its kind in India. Indian government had also blocked many websites in 2012 citing the reason that they were fueling the communal violence.

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