Instagram Launches 1-second Video App Called Boomerang

Instagram wants to make its feed more interesting and it has now launched 1-second video app called Boomerang for both Android and iOS.

Boomerang is an app which shoots five pictures in a second and then creates a silent video of these pictures which plays forward and reverse in a loop. The picture can be shared on Facebook, Instagram or wherever you want because there is no feed of Boomerang. You do not need to have an Instagram account to use the app.

This is basically something similar to Phhoto, which allows users to shoot tiny moving pictures called gifs.

For those who are wondering why there is a need for a one second app when there are already apps for 6-second and 15-second videos like Apple Live Photos and Vine, the reason is simple. There are still a lot of people who can not script longer videos.

The app has been released as separate from Instagram in line with the thinking at Instagram that there is no need to further bloat the core app with other apps.

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