Instagram Toughens Guidelines Against Pornography and Harassment

Instagram has now enforced more detailed guidelines with the aim to put a stop to extensive pornography and harassment.

For example previously Instagram guidelines required that you should not be mean. But now the language has got stronger and the policy actively directs that you can not harass other people.

Similarly earlier version ask that users need to be respectful and polite but now there is more detail and it is not allowed to threaten public and personal safety.

Same goes for nudity. The new guidelines are quite specific. While it is OK to post scarring pics of mastectomy or breastfeeding but “close-ups of fully nude buttocks” are not allowed.

This is the biggest review of the guidelines since Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion last year. This has resulted in the company growing its user base from 3o million to 300 million.

This huge exponential growth has raised the questions of how the app should police its content. Instagram does not filter images while these are being posted but has a review mechanism after an image is reported by the community for violating its guidelines.

However, the global explosion of apps means that Instagram has to be careful in drawing the line for defining nudity. In certain cultures nudity is fine while at many places it is a taboo.

In a few cases, the critics have complained that Instagram has been too harsh in policing content. The menstruation pictures of Rupi Kaur were removed but later restored and Instagram has admitted that it was a mistake to remove the images.

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