Interns at These Companies Earn More than $5000 Per Month

Internship is mostly donkey work with low pay or no pay and without much appreciation, however, lucky interns at these tech companies may earn more than many regular employees at other companies.


According to recent report by jobs and careers research site Glassdoor, 19 out of a list of 25 highest paying companies for internships are from tech sector. And many companies included in the list of top paying companies for interns pay their interns more than $5000 per month.

The top paying company in the list is Palantir Technologies where interns get a monthly average of $7,012. VMWare is second with monthly payment to interns at $6,966.

Other tech companies that pay their employees an average of $5,723 are Facebook, Twitter, Apple, EBay, Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn.

In fact ExxonMobil is the only non-tech company in the top 10 highest paying companies for interns.

The list from Glassdoor is based on the salaries data given by interns on its website. Full list of top 25 highest paying companies for interns can be seen on Glassdoor website here.

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