‘The Interview’ Comes to iTunes as a Best Selling Online Movie

the-interview-itunesApple has finally made ‘The Interview’ the controversial comedy movie from Sony available on its iTunes store after initially refusing to do so. The movie is now available for iTunes subscribers in U.S. and Canada.

Only a week ago, Apple had declined to carry this movie on its iTunes store from Christmas Day citing the reason that the release schedule was ‘overly aggressive’.

It look like the movie is already the best selling online movie ever and did not need iTunes because it has been reported that the ‘The Interview’ has already generated $15 million from online sales and rentals at platforms like Google Play, YouTube, Xbox and Crackle.

According to sources the vast majority of this revenue has been generated by YouTube and Google Play. The online sales have been phenomenal keeping in view the $2.8 million revenue generated by theaters. However, the movie was carried by only small theater chains because of the threats from hackers.

The hackers had attacked Sony servers and released terabytes of personal information, passwords and other sensitive data online. No solid evidence is available but FBI has hinted that the attack on Sony has been originated in North Korea. Hackers later threatened Sony against releasing the movie and warned that theaters also against screening the movie.

‘The Interview’ from Sony is available at $5.99 rental and can be purchased at $14.99.


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