iPhone 5S Color will be Golden, Report

There are strong reports that Apple is working on producing its next iPhone 5S in golden color. TechCrunch has reported, citing multiple source of information, that the next iPhone will be called iPhone 5S and its color will be soft golden.

It is also reported that the color will not be Threepio-esque gold but rather a ‘champagne’ shade and its color will vary a little according to light falling on it.

iphone 5s golden

There have been strong and widespread rumors recently which have hinted strongly at a golden iPhone.

Apple is known for creating minimalist and eye catching products and this will be second time that it will be creating a gilded product. earlier iPod mini also came in gold color but that color for iPod mini was discontinued after only a single year of production.

There are also reports that Apple will reveal its next iPhone 5S at its September 1o event. It is also expected that Apple will also unveil its cheaper, plastic cover version of iPhone called iPhone 5C.


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