iPhone 5S Users Crunch a Lot More Data Than Any Other Phone Users

A study by data analytics company Arieso has concluded that iPhone 5S users consume more data than users of all other devices. The users of iPhone 5S are currently using five times more data that users of iPhone 3G.

The benchmark for comparing data usage was iPhone 3G and data consumption of users of various tablets and smartphones was compared against it.

iPhone 5S led the results with the greater usage of data than any other tablet or smartphone from all other manufactures in the study.

The  data usage is 20 times more than average user in case of emerging markets.

The Arieso study also claims that each new generation of iPhone has pushed up data consumption by up to 40 percent over the previous year. This theory has proved true so far with the iPhone 5S data consumption being 20 percent higher than the previous version i.e iPhone 5.

It is also proved in the study that Apple devices are more data crunchers than any other devices with 6 of the top 10 data eating devices being from Apple.

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