iPhone 7 Case That Gives Your Headphone Jack Back

Apple has removed the headphone jack on iPhone 7 leaving many users infuriated. It was a only a matter of time before companies thought of ways to provide these users of iPhone 7 with their headphone jack back, especially because the wireless headphones have to be purchased separately and they cost quite a lot.

The first company to come with such product is by Fuze, merely 22 days after the iPhone 7 announcement. This is an iPhone 7 case with a battery and it gives you back your 3.5mm headphone jack as well. And apart from that you also get extra battery power for your iPhone because the case itself comes with a 2,499mAh battery for iPhone 7. The battery can be charged conveniently via Lightning cable instead of the micro usb.

These two features make Fuze the first one that provide you an opportunity to not only get your headphone jack back but also get extra battery juice for your iPhone 7. The Fuze case will start selling at $50 and the first batch of shipments for the early adopters will be sent towards the end December. You can order it at Indiegogo.

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