iPhone 8 Likely to Have Glass Back and Front, Stainless Steel

Ming-Chi, the reliable analyst from the KGI securities has forecast that the iPhone 8 to be released in 2017 will shift back to glass front and back designs like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s models. The idea is prompted by the fact that the new Jet Black iPhone 7 has got really popular among the users because of the glossy finish. And glass also makes the phone less scratch prone.

KGI has also based this prediction on the data from pre-orders for iPhone 7 which show that up to 50 percent of pre-orders have opted for Jet Black iPhone 7. The demand has been so high that it has become difficult to purchase this model because of the inventory constraints. If Apple goes by the forecast, then the gloss finish will be added to all the iPhone lineup, though the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S gloss finish phones were available only in black or white.

The report also predicts that Apple will prefer 2.5D glass over the 3D glass, the difference being in the cut. KGI is of the view that 2.5D glass will be more durable and will handle drops more faorably than 3D rounded glass.

KGI has also fore-caste that iPhone 8 will either use an aluminum  metal casing or a stainless steel one. This might again be a reversion to the iPhone 4 era but with a renewed effort to drive more sales using metal differences.

KGI has also previously predicted that the next iPhone model will be all glass based design. It has also been predicted that it will a larger iPhone-4 like but 5.8 inches model design. Current iPhone is sized at 5.5 inches.

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