iPhone Attracts 100,000 Pre-orders for China Mobile in Two Days


iPhone 5S and 5C of Apple have attracted around 100,000 pre-orders for China Mobile in just two days after the preorders by China Mobile became available, an analyst based with Wedge Partners has said.

Apple announced partnership with China Mobile, the largest mobile operator in China which will be effective 17th January next year. Apparently 100,000 pre-orders is not a bad start at all.

But according to an analyst, the pre-orders number could have been higher than this. The total customer base of China Mobile is 760 million and 100,000 reflects only a very tiny fraction of the total number of customers. China Unicom and China Telecom managed to get 120,000 and 150,000 iPhones preorders in September. Both these mobile operators have a lot less number of customers compared with the biggest China Mobile.

One possible reason is the timing. These new models of iPhone were launched in September. Had China Mobile launched these at that time, the number of pre0rders might have been significantly higher. Another possible reason is the lack of any noticeable subsidy being offered on these phones. The subsidy being offered by China Mobile is almost the same as being offered by China Unicom or China Telecom, therefore, the customers does not have an attractive offer from China Mobile as far as the pricing is concerned.

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