iPhone Crashing? Apple Will Fix it in March Update

iPhone 5SThere have many recent complaints of iPhone crashing out of the blue.

This is a widely reported bug where any app you are using just freezes leading to a white screen showing Apple’s logo. And then iPhone restarts itself.

The bug is so widespread that even the biggest iPhone fans have been complaining about this and other recent crashes and bugs.

Apple promised last month that it was working on fixing these bugs but no time frame was promised for this.

Now it appears that the iPhone app crashing will continue till March because Apple products focused blog 9to5Mac has reported that Apple will release a software update for iPhone’s iOS 7.1 in March.

This will be the first main update for the iOS 7 which Apple launched last fall.

It is expected that this update will also fix the widespread white screen of death problem being faced by users of iPhone.

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