iPhone Users are More Loyal than Android: Research

A recent research study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has concluded that iPhone users are more loyal to the brand than Android users. CIRP conducted a research for data between July 2012 and June 2013. According to data, 81 per cent iPhone users went for another iPhone during the period of 12 months of study. In comparison only 68 per cent Android users decided to buy another Android device. The difference is just 13 per cent but it becomes significant when we analyse the rates at which iPhone users switched to Android and the reverse.

According to study, the users who switched from Android to iPhone were three times more than those switching from iPhone to Android. During the period of study, iPhone captured 20 percent of users from Android while Android captured only 7 percent.

If we go by data by CIRP, we can conclude that not only Android users are more likely to switch to iPhone but once they have bought an iPhone they are more likely to keep buying an iPhone.

iphone loyalty


android loyalty

In conclusion iPhone users are significantly more loyal to iPhone than Android. While explaining the reasons, the Josh Lowitz, the co-founder of CIRP told AllThingsD:

“We think loyalty is product of comfort with a platform that meets a consumer’s needs, and the belief that platform will continue to meet their needs better than any other. For a ‘loyal’ iOS user, there is no question, the next iPhone will create a satisfying ownership experience. For a ‘loyal’ Android user, there is uncertainty about brand switching and the different features that each manufacturer brings, so even a loyal Android user faces an open market with a new set of decisions.”

A probable reason is that there are so many Android phones that brand loyalty is not that strong. However CIRP sees it differently:

“The fragmentation among Android devices has two sides to it. It does create an environment where buyers are less loyal generally, at least to a brand of phone, which probably does extend to operating system to an extent. Yet it also allows buyers to move among hardware brands,and yet stay within the Android ecosystem.”

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