Is iPhone Losing Its Charm on Apple Investors

Apple WatchApple is due to report its next earnings for the quarter this week and investors do not have high expectations from iPhone growth already.

Apple’s iPhone has definitely reached the status of most profitable ever tech product and it was so profitable that Apple announced that its three months quarter ending December last year was the most profitable quarter for any US company on record.

However, analysts predict that iPhone unit growth will be going to single digit this year from attractive 35 percent last year, according to a report from Financial Times.

One of reasons that have affected iPhone growth is the Chinese macroeconomic fluctuations, which were recently dismissed by Tim Cook recently. Morgan Stanely has recently predicted a 7 percent iPhone growth rate for the next year.

The doubts about iPhone growth have put other Apple products in spotlight to carry on the company forward on a growth trajectory. There are speculations that Apple might venture into making its own car after Tim Cook’s recent comments that auto industry is facing a massive change. However, that might be a thing far into future. Immediately investors are having hopes on Apple Watch and they expect Apple to do something to take it to the popularity levels that iPhone enjoys.

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