Is Your ISP Throttling Bittorrent Traffic ?- Find Out

With the rise of filesharing through Twitter and bittorrent, ISPs use bandwidth throttling of users for bittorent traffic in many cases. The rise of bandwidth usage due to people looking for intellectual property protected videos, films and TV shows has forced ISPs to do this perhaps.

However, Internet service providers are not very transparent about bandwidth throttling but now it is possible to find if your ISP is gaming your internet connection speed.

You can use Glasnost application, which has been developed by Max Planck Institute, to find out if your ISP is meddling in your eMule, BitTorrent and Gnutella traffic. You can also find if the speeds for streaming sites like YouTube, UseNet, email and HTTP and SSH transfers are being throttled.

M-Lab conducted 100 test in December 2013 and found out that Malaysia, South Korea and Singapore ISPs are the worst data throttlers with meddling rates of 61 percent, 71 percent and 53 percent respectively. The average throttling rate in US was found to be 14 percent. UK is the second most data throttled country with a rate of 28 percent and Poland tops the list in Europe with 35 percent rate.

In the US Cox is the biggest throttler with 13 percent rate, Comcast has 12 percent and Verizon has the lowest rate of 9 percent. In the UK Orange came out to be the most throttle trigger happy ISP with a rate of 38 percent and BT was not far behind with 35 percent.

Check out throttling information about your own ISP at  M-Lab’s diagnostic tools.

Source. TorrentFreak

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