Julian Assange Warns Full Worldwide Surveillance Few Years Away

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, who is currently having asylum in Eduadore Embassy in UK, has said that in a few years the governments would have the capacity to monitor every living human being on earth. He was speaking to South by SouthWest conference via a Skype video chat. 

 Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, at New Media Days 09

He also compared his asylum to a prison and claimed that the expenditure of the UK government on his surveillance has reached 8 million dollars.

He also claimed that the ability of NSA to mine and store surveillance data is doubling every 18 months and so is the expenditure on this.

He also said that many ‘important revelations’ are in the pipeline from Wikileaks but did not explain about their subject. He said: ” I don’t think it’s right to give heads up to alleged perpetrator.”

This is in total contrast to claim by Google’s Eric Schmidt yesterday at the same SXSW conference that it will become impossible for the governments to censor Internet in a decade time. 

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