Keep New Year Resolutions With This App

lift-app-logoAre you currently defining your new year resolutions and do not know what these should be? Then you should check out Lift. This app not only offers a nice menu based list of self-improvement goals you can set – like starting paleo diet, learning to prioritize days, or meditating but it will also make it possible for you to have direct one on one conversations with your own personal coach at a price of only $15 a week.

The app is intelligently designed and will encourage you to try out different coaches until you finally settle with the most inspiring coach for you.

The app not only nudges you and makes you accountable but it also is a great help in breaking down bigger goals into smaller actionable steps you need to take to achieve those goals. This is an excellent app to help you make your best try at having healthier habits during the new year. However, be prepared that, change always takes some time and Lift will give the maximum possible push for that change which you dream for in your new year resolutions.

The app is free to download at iOS and Android.

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