Line Message App Now Supports Encryption

Line messaging app which is currently being used by more than 211 million people has finally announced that it will now support end to end encryption.

The company has announced today that the security feature called ‘Letter Sealing’ will provide encryption for the messages of the users and also other features available on Line. Initially encryption will be supported for one-on-one chats and the location sharing feature on both desktop and mobile apps of Line.

A statement from Line reads:

“This method of secure communication facilitates uncrackable encryption by scrambling the chat content with a key, which is stored only in user device instead of a centralized server. With the advanced security system, it is technically impossible for the chat content to be disclosed in the server or to a third party.”

For this encryption feature to work, all the parties to a conversation need to have it available on the device. The encryption will have to proactively enabled by the users initially. However, the company has plans to switch it on  by default for all users.

This was a feature which Line has been forced to roll out after its many rivals like Whatsapp and iMessage already started to support it.

Previously there have been allegations that Line shares data with the government in Thailand, which is its second biggest market after Japan. Roll out of encryption feature should increase confidence in use of app.

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