Linked In Censoring Posts Related to Tienanmen Square

linkedin logoSocial network for business LinkedIn has formally said that it will actively censor posts related to Tienanmen Square originating in China to be legally compliant with the restrictions imposed by the Chinese Government relating to content.

LinkedIn is one of the only social media services allowed in China because YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are blocked there. LinkedIn also launched a Chinese version of its site earlier in the year but its servers are hosted outside China.

The website is not allowing people even outside China to see content related to Tienanmen Square if it was posted from within China. A LinkedIn spokesperson Roger Pua said:

“Outside of China, members will be able to view content that is restricted in China, unless that content originated in China – this is to protect the privacy and security of the member who posted that content.”

“LinkedIn, by its nature, is a professional network and not prone to conversations that are political in nature. We think the impact is very, very small.”

Critics are comparing this to a removal of Chinese language blog in 2005 by Microsoft which led to worldwide criticism. However, Microsoft felt shameful in that case but LinkedIn has not shown any such remorse which is an indication of how much internet freedom has been lost in a decade.

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