LinkedIn Agrees to Pay $6 Million Unpaid Wages

linkedInThe mission of LinkedIn is to create economic opportunity for every professional in the world but a report from Department of Labor in US has revealed that the company has not been able to hold this mission up for its own employees.

LinkedIn, which is the world’s largest social network for professionals with more than 300 million members has agreed to pay $6 million in unpaid wages and damages to its various former and current employees in New York, Illinois, California and Nebraska, Department of Labor has said in a statement. A LinkedIn spokesman confirmed it and said:

“Talent is LinkedIn’s number one priority, so of course, we were eager to work closely with the Department of Labor to quickly and equitably rectify this situation.” 

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and connects businesses and professionals. Businesses can recruit using LinkedIn by paying a fee and professionals can find jobs shared on the social network for professionals.

LinkedIn has a work force of 5,700 employees but is going to expand it by another 2,500 workers.

The Department of Labor said that LinkedIn failed to record work time of 359 employees and has been directed by the agency to pay $3.35 million as wages and $2.51 as damages.

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