LinkedIn Lists 25 Skills to Get Your Dream Job in 2016

January is the most busy time for job seekers, as per professional sites like LinkedIn and

The professional networking site LinkedIn has analyzed the hiring and recruitment that happened through its site in 2015 and has published a list of 25 hottest and indemand skills that are going to dramatically increase your chances of getting a job in 2016.

Sohan Murthy a researcher at LinkedIn has explained in blog post that:

“If your skills fit one or more of these skills categories (a grouping of related skills), there’s a chance you either started a new job or attracted the interest of recruiters last year. We noticed that companies were still recruiting and hiring for these skills well into the final months of 2015, so we expect these skills will remain in-demand in the early part of 2016. This means if you have one or more of these skills, you’re likely to continue getting interest from recruiters in the new year.”

Given below are the 25 hottest skills for job seekers in the US:


You can also find the hottest in-demand skills in 13 other countries as well here in the blog post.

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