LinkedIn Students Helps Students Find Jobs

One of the most important things for which LinkedIn is known is that it provides you with your online resume. Professionals take advantage of this resume to get jobs. But there was a gap because what about those students who are still not working and looking for their first job without any experience so far. Those soon to be graduates who are looking for what will be job market like after they graduate.

There are simple questions that everyone nearing graduation is asking: What jobs can I land with the major I am studying?

LinkedIn spotted this problem and has come up with LinkedIn Students, which is an app which provides you with the platform to explore and launch the first stages of your practical professional career.

The app, which will be available to U.S. market starting this Monday lists the suitable jobs and companies for aspiring graduates, based on the school that they are studying at and the area of majoring. LinkedIn Students also allows students to build their own network because it lists the alumni at different companies that have graduated from the same school. The app will be available starting this Monday.

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