LinkedIn Unveils University Pages, Targeting Teenagers

LinkedIn has unveiled its University pages on Monday. The company has teamed up with more than 300 universities and colleges, each of them getting their dedicated page on the LinkedIn to keep the followers and students of the school updated about latest updates and news of the campus.

These are very similar to Company pages of LinkedIn which also work on the philosophy of keeping the followers informed of happenings of a company. These pages will allow visitors to see what the alumni graduating from a particular school or university are doing in their practical careers, or connect with others going to college or university on LinkedIn.


These LinkedIn pages are perhaps more similar to a Facebook page. University Pages target those users who are very social i.e Teenagers.

LinkedIn plans to open University Pages for students looking to find universities starting September 12. However, the competition in this category is quite stiff. There are already well established sites like and US News and World Report’s ranking report for the top schools which act as guides for the prospective students on the hunt for a college or university.

LinkeIn University Pages will most likely not only focus on helping prospective students find students but also as a network for alumni focused on career path.

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