Major French Web Hosting Company OVH Hacked

A major french web hosting company OVH has announced that its internal network at Roubaix was hacked which affected its web hosting customers in North America and Europe.

The security breach came to light after an internal investigation brought to light that a hacker had gained access to the email account of a system administrator at the web hosting company.

The hacker then moved ahead from there to gain access to the VPN of the company and was able to compromise the back office internal network of the web hosting company.

However, OVH has been applauded for making it known to its customers and being transparent about it.

OVH has still not been able to determine as to exactly why the hacker wanted to gain access initially. However, information security experts believe that the hackers was able to compromise the internal network of the security company either through phishing or the employee in question was using a password that had already been stolen in an altogether different password theft.

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