Man Pays $42,000 for One Hour Session with a Webcam Fetish Model

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A man has won an auction to spend one private hour with online webcam fetish model Mistress Madeline. He will pay $42,000 for this one hour private session. held this auction and is very happy with the bid. It even teased: “Beat that, Bicoin.”

Some critics might be skeptical that this is a publicity stunt by to prove to the world that webcam is the future frontier of online pornography. It is already reported that live porn webcamming is generating $2 billion revenue every year.

Mistress Madeline told about the psychology behind webcam porn by saying that her customers are “ Often paying for the ambiguity that a Webcam relationship can create and that relationship over Webcam is, essentially, their fetish.”

She further said that  “They often want to be whoever they can dream up over the Internet and prefer to only have a relationship online. Other times, it’s about the kinkiness and sexy taboo of the exchange of high dollar amounts that actually gets them off.”



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