Many Popular Apple Apps Vulnerable to “Gotofail” Attack

A lot many knowledgeable users switched from Safari to another web browser while they wait for a patch from Apple for OS X “Gotofail” security vulnerability.

However, a recent research by information security researcher Ashkan Soltani claims that many Apple apps which also include FaceTime, Apple Calendar, Mail app, iBooks and Keynote are also vulnerable to same attack. He also found Twitter Mac client also vulnerable. He tweeted the list:

Here are some of the apps which rely on the vulnerable Apple #gotofail

SSL library beyond Safari /cc @a_greenberg

apple gotofail apps

By taking benefit of the security flaw a hacker could bypass SSL security protocol to be used between servers and computing devices and launch an ages old man-in-the-middle attack. By using this method, a hacker can intercept data between your computer and your internet connection especially over Wi-Fi network.

Apple had fixed the ‘Gotofail’ security vulnerability for its Mobile OS but it promised that it will release an update for OS X soon which has yet not arrived.

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