Meet Kello, an Alarm Clock That Helps You Sleep Too

snooze-less-kelloSleep gadgets and devices are being released and produced at a high speed. A new alarm clock named Kello has been launched at Kickstarter but it is different in the sense that it does not track your sleep time. It in fact is designed to help you regulate your sleeping patterns.

Its most important feature is to help users in not using snooze button way too often. Only a limited number of snooze hits are allowed per week and after that, the only way to silence the alarm clock is to turn it off. Another way it regulates sleep patterns is by triggering all the Wi-Fi devices which is a kind of self-punishment to be more responsible with sleep. For example, users can program Kello to turn on their light if they have already reached their snooze quota

Another innovative features built in Kello is breathing exercise program which has been designed to help people sleep faster once they are on bed and want to sleep. The whole process is based on lights on Kello and it lasts for around 20 minutes.

Everything including the breathing mode is controlled via Android/iOS apps. You can place an order for Kello at Kickstarter.

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