Meet Nokia X : Android Phone from Nokia

Now this is official and Nokia has revealed its Nokia X phone at the Mobile World Congress. But the bigger news is that Nokia X will be powered by Google’s Android OS even when the company has been acquired by Microsoft.


Nokia has unveiled 3 Android phones named X, X+ and XL. The phone will have a mixture of Lumia-style design with Android at the roots of the phone as OS. XL will have a 5 inch display and will cost 109 Euros while X+ will have a 4 inch display and cost 99 Euros. It will ship only a simple 3-megapixel camera at the back.  The cheapest Nokia android phone will be X which will cost 89 Euros. However, the cheapest one will only be sold in Eastern Europe, South American and Asia but not in North America, Korea, Japan or other Western countries.

These Nokia Android phones will be powered by a “forked” version of Android which means that Nokia has taken the open-source elements from Android and added its own services just like in case of Amazon’s Kindle tablets. Nokia X phones have a Windows Phone like interface and will not be able to access Google Play Store or other Google apps like Chrome, Gmail, Maps and so on.

The launching of Android phones by Nokia is an admission of major judgement error on part of Nokia which has seen its fortunes dwindle big time since the launch of Apple’s iPhone in 2007.

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