Knocked Offline by DDOS Attack, the website that allows its users to meetup offline and engaged in different sorts of activities is trying to recover from a big DDoS attack that has knocked the site offline with brief periods of normal operations during this time.


Scott Heiferman, CEO of has said that he received an email from a hacker that : “A competitor asked me to perform a DDoS attack on your website. I can stop the attack for $300 USD. Let me know if you are interested in my offer.”

And simultaneously a big DDoS attack began which overloaded server and knocked the site offline, a blog post from Heiferman says.

Hieferman has said in the blog post that he refused to pay this ransom because the amount demanded was too low when compared with the sophistication of the attack and he believed that had he paid, he would have been further blackmailed. He further said that can recover from this attack, which is the first in 12 years history of He said that there might be downtime for users in the days ahead but he will eventually overcome this DDoS attack.

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