Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Took Home $18 Million in 2016

Microsoft CEO Nadella’s compensation at Microsoft has decreased 3.3 percent to about 17.7 million. According to a proxy statement filed on Monday, Nadella received $5.66 million as salary and also received a stock award of $12 million.

Half of the stock will vest in Nadella in total if he continues in his job position by 2019 and the remaining half will come to his pockets in 2018 if the Microsoft stock outperforms at least 60 percent of other companies on the 500 Index of Standard & Poor.

On joining as CEO, Nadella was awarded a stock valued $59 million that will accrue to him in three installments in 2019, 2020 and 2021 if the return on shares for shareholders of Microsoft remains more than 60 percent in the past five years. The total return on shares has seen an increase of 70 percent since Nadella assumed the role of the CEO in 2014. The index has increased 30 percent during this time.

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