Microsoft Giving Away $100 Gift Card to Windows XP Users

windows-xpMicrosoft will stop its security support for old Windows XP operating system in about fifteen days. And company is encouraging Windows XP users to move over to a new operating system and has offered a $100 gift card to users who want to buy a new computer with a supported Microsoft operating system.

The $100 gift card will be available if the users buy a Windows 8.1 powered new computer from either its online store or from one of its retail stores. The users will also get free 30 days of technical support with this deal.

This $100 gift card from Microsoft is applicable if you buy a computer or a laptop which is priced between $599 to $2,299. The promotion will run through June 15 and is only available to users who are currently using Windows XP.

This is an effort by Microsoft to help people move to a latest operating system ahead of April 8 when Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP.

The users of Windows XP after the deadline of April 8 will be exposed to security vulnerabilities because Microsoft will not release any new security updates for Windows XP after that date.

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