Apple Strikes Ban Hammer on 250 Apps

Apple has banned more than 250 apps from its App Store because these apps were using a software that accessed personal information of the user without consent. The software in question is a software development kit from a Chinese company named Youmi. The apps developed with this SDK uploads data to Youmi servers related to apps downloaded by a user, email address of the user and smartphone serial number, the computer security company SourceDNA has revealed. Collectively these apps have been downloaded more than 1 million times.

In all fairness, the app makers that were using Youmi’s SDK might have been not aware what SDK was doing in the background.

This is the information that only Apple is able to view and Youmi, which is an advertising company, had been trying for many years to tap into Apple APIs to gather this personal information of the users.

Apple has said that all apps that rely on this SDK have been removed from its store and now Apple is working with the developers to ensure that their apps are in compliance with the security guidelines of App Store. Apple has also said that all new apps developed using this SDK will also be rejected.


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